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About me

I am an integrative therapist - this simply means that I trained in a variety of different therapeutic approaches. The benefit of being an integrative therapist is that I can be adaptable and flexible in terms of what each individual client needs. 

My way of working is underpinned by developmental and attachment thinking which takes into consideration how our early lives and relationships may be influencing us and playing out in the present. I work in a relational way which means that I’ll be curious about what relationships are like for you broadly, as well as valuing the importance of the relationship we are able to build in therapy together.

My approach is trauma informed and as such I seek to create a safe, transparent and trusting space. Linked to this is an integration of body psychotherapy which means I hold an awareness of the mind-body connection and is essential in regulating our nervous systems. 

I approach all client work with empathy; this means I will seek to understand you  and your experiences without judgement. Alongside empathy, compassion and curiosity are other key tools, but primarily I seek to establish trust with my clients, as the success of the therapy is depends on the quality of the relationship between client and therapist. ​

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